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Dera Jaipur is located is the center of World heritage Unesco city of Jaipur. Overlooking verdant greenery, this house is a balance of classic contemporary having the romance of refined forms and impeccable detailing.

Dera Jaipur tells a story. Lt Gen Dr. Karni Singh, PVSM, SM, VSM, MD ( Medicine ), DM ( Neurology ), Retd, hails from the House Gangiasar, Which has a long military history. His Father, Lt. Col S. S. Shekhawat, MBE Served in Word War II in Sawai Man Guards and saw action in north Africa and Europe. His Grandfather Maj Gen Gob Singh fought in Word War I in Europe. His forefathers descended from Maharao Shekhaji, who declared independence in 1471 AD and established a separate principality known as Shekhawati.

Shekhawats are a sub clan of kachawa Rajputs and their valour in various battlefields in numerous continents are well know. Col Brooke in his book “The Political History of India” wrote that for recruitment in the Army, there is no region in India at par with Shekhawati. In their 500 year old history, Shekhawats have built more than 50 fort in Shekhawati and hold the hereditary title of “Tazim Sardar” an honour given to a chosen nobility.

In days gone by, People were born royal. Today, royalty is achieved from what one does and isn’t measured in innings, games or even seasons. It is measured in generations without time or geographic
restrictions. The House of Gangiasar is one such example. For the Owner of the Dera Jaipur the legacy continues but in a different manner.


“One of the most charming places to stay at jaipur! Modern amenities and comforts coupled with spacious rooms with views and nostalgia of the old world. And the gracious hosts who let you be if you want but always around to make sure your needs are met with! Then there are endless stories from the past that they regale you with and rustle up old forgotten recipes, if you wish to have meals with them. The tree house is where you must have your morning cuppa to experience the sights and sounds of nature. Dera jaipur makes every moment count with several experiences - you hone your culinary skills, write, meditate or simply vegetate! Every experience is stellar. GO!!


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