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There are lots of activities which are organised / outsourced by us on special request to cater for the guests staying with us.


Festival Celebration

Festival Celebration like Holi / Diwali - Join the family in celebrating the local festivals if you happen to be staying with us followed by special lunch / dinner. These booking are subject to prior commitment with the family.


Cooking Classes

We have opened our kitchen to anyone who is interested in a cooking demo. This is only possible if  the request is in advance and confirmed by us.

Bon Fire


Chill out over a bonfire in cold winter night and make memories with your family or friends. Pre-booking  necessary.


 Folk Music

Pre Booking of local artist performing folk music is also possible here.


Yoga For All

A great way to commence the day. A morning yoga class by with the sun rising in the foreground is great to cultivate mental focus, serenity and positivity (on demand)



Explore Jaipur on cycles, available on hire  and GO GREEN !

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